The Communication Toolkit for Twin Flames

Are you struggling with separation and communication with your Twin Flame? Are you tired of feeling the heartache of being shut out or unable to talk to your Twin Flame?

Are you ready to build with your Twin Flame instead? 

This self paced course is here to help you manifest better communication with your Twin Flame. 

You'll learn so much more about the way the Twin Flame relationship works as well as navigate 15+ practices designed to help you manifest the strongest communication with your Twin Flame possible. 

In Module 1 you'll gain an introduction to the course. You'll learn how to use the course, how to maintain boundaries, and how to communicate with love. You'll learn why communication matters and set your intentions and goals for what you want out of this course experience. 

In Module 2 you'll learn how to communicate with yourself in a way that can support strong communication from your Twin Flame. As your mirror, your Twin Flame can only communicate to you in a way you're willing to communicate with yourself first. You'll learn how to enhance your self talk, start a mirror practice, and use journalling to support you. 

In Module 3 you'll learn my best tools for communicating with others, your Twin Flame or those other important relationships in your life! You'll learn how to build warmth with others and use your interpretations and expectations for good. You'll learn about social support and capitalization. You'll get access to some key tools for navigating moments of conflict, and you'll learn about the psychology behind the runner and chaser paradigm so you can leave it behind for good!

In Module 4 you'll lay down the foundation for manifesting communication by taping into your Throat Chakra, highlighting and capitalizing on your communication strengths, and expand in your 5D level of communication. 

In Module 5 you'll clear the way by healing any communication wounds and preparing for any important conversations you need to have. 

And last but not least, in Module 6 you will get into alignment with the communication you seek to manifest! You'll learn how to embody self love so your Twin Flame will mirror love back to you. You'll explore how your soul purpose work influences how your Twin Flame shows up. You'll release limiting beliefs and replace them with supportive ones. You'll learn how to utilize your imagination to help bring your romantic dreams into fruition, and you'll learn how to utilize both your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to manifests from a place of Divine Union. 

When you follow the practices and guidance of this course you'll be able to get to a place of communication with your Twin Flame, but it's not just any communication. The bigger goal in mind is Union, and the communication building practices here will help with that too!

Have questions before you sign up? Email me at and I'd be happy to help! 

7 Modules


In this module, we’re going to get acquainted with the course, go over the importance of communication, get clear on our boundaries moving forward, and define the goals and intentions you have for the outcome of this course experience. 

Communication with Yourself

In this module, we’re going to focus on rebuilding a practice of positive communication with the self, enhancing your self talk and personal intimacy which will then enhance your trust in yourself and your quality of intimate moments with others. And because your Twin Flame is a mirror, as you do this, you’ll be able to attract the same from your Twin Flame.

Tools for Communicating with Others

In this module, we’re going to focus on expanding your understanding of communication with others empowering you to nurture the intimacy and connection you desire. You'll learn how to expand on the positive moments and support yourself successfully through some of the tougher times.  

Laying Down the Foundation

In this module, we’re going to build your foundation of good communication through practical celebration of what is already working with you, tapping into your Throat Chakra, and utilizing the 5D spiritual connection between Twin Flames.

Clearing the Way

In this module, we’re going to clear the path to good communication by diving into the healing process of communication wounds as well as looking at what communication needs to happen to bridge any gaps in your connection. 


In this module, we’re going to focus on expanding your relationship with alignment, helping you to become the energetic match to the Union you seek. You'll learn about what impacts Union and what manifesting with Divine Union looks like. 

Help Me Improve the Toolkit!

I'm always wanting to help improve the tools that are here to support you. Use this module to let me know what other tools you may need for better communication with your Twin Flame! 

Modules for this product 7

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