Defining Union

Have you ever felt like Union was just way too hard to reach, that the way all the spiritual gurus talk about it it's just so unattainable? Like how are you ever going to be that healed, that awakened... and even if you do all the work, whose to say your Twin Flame will do the work too? 

When this happens, it's typically my advice to bring Union down a peg. This doesn't mean you should make union something its not, but rather... allow Union to be human! Especially if you are trying to manifest that oh so lovely (and growth inducing) physical union! If we keep thinking of Union as this purely awakened and healed space, we're in for a rude awakening when we do get to that physical relationship and realize... we still have some growth in front of us to walk through! 

In this practice, you'll be guided through making your own definition of Union, one that resonates fully with you- not just handed down by someone else on the journey. This will allow you to shape your definition in a way that is empowering and possible. The goal is to have a definition that feels real and that inspires a way forward for you. 

Sounds like something that will support you in a big way? Then let's get started! 

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Defining Union

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