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Astrology is such a wonderful way to get to know yourself better and whenever we dive into our relationship with ourself, our relationship with our Twin Flame grows because of it. It's also a great way to help us understand others and our relationships we share with them. 

I have been an astrologer longer than I have been a Twin Flame coach and have found it to be one of the best, all encompassing tools for your journey. 

In our 1 hour Astrology Reading, we'll focus on what your Twin Flame relationship needs to hear about you, them, and your shared charts in order to more closer to union, find peace, and expand in love. 

We can work with a wide mixture of charts during our 1 hour together including natal charts, synastry, and composite charts, and sometimes even your first meeting, wedding dates, or draconic charts. If you don't know their birth information, that is okay, we can work solely with your own natal chart, and trust that it will have all the messages you need to hear. 

On top of Astrology, I will also incorporate my Twin Flame coaching knowledge and any psychic messages I may receive during our session. 

When we tap into this energy we create knowing, which allows for love and conscious understanding to show up, lighting our way ahead. 

Sessions can be recorded. If you have any questions before booking a session please reach out to me at 

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