Twin Flames Tarot Spreads

It's safe to say that if you're on the Twin Flame journey, you're going to experience moments of confusion. It's easy to feel lost and uncertain about the way to move forward when you are doing this work, but it doesn't have to stay that way. 

The right tools are always great to have with you on any journey, and the Twin Flame journey is no exception. 

When it comes to combatting the confusion and feeling of missing direction, I find that using tarot or oracle cards is such a simple, easy, and accessible tool to dive into! Even if I don't have a deck on me, there are free card generators online, or I could even use a deck of playing cards to find some meaning! 

These Tarot Spreads have been designed specifically for the Twin Flame relationship to help you in all of those areas that you would most want to turn to Tarot for a little help, but they're not just about gaining clarity (Though you will get that too). They're designed to help you make the real shifts you need to see the shifts in your physical and spiritual dynamic. I don't want you to just know what's going on, I want you to feel your ability to SHIFT what's going on! 

There are seven spreads for you to use as often and frequently as you need. Each spread comes with a visual layout, some information on how to use it, and how to interpret in a way that help you on your Twin Flame journey. 

These spreads will help you:

  • check in with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to see how you are doing in working towards Divine Union
  • check in with the Big Five of Twin Flame work so you know exactly what to focus on next
  • recalibrate your true north to make sure things are moving in the direction they're supposed to
  • check in with your shared Chakra system so you can get things flowing in a balanced and open way
  • bust that block that you just can't seem to get past
  • integrate your shadows in a productive and healthy way
  • and last but not least, find calm and traction after an intense, shaking, and full of panic Twin Flame moment. 

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Get acquainted with Tarot and Oracle as a Twin Flame Tool and learn how to make sure you get the best quality readings when you need them most. 

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