Mars Retrograde Companion Guide for Twin Flames

Mars is retrograde from October 30th through January 12th, and as the planet that rules the masculine, this is a perfect transit for Twin Flames!

A retrograde is all about going inward. We know as Twin Flames that the internal journal is the foundation for everything external. Mars representing our masculine makes this a perfect time to get our inner masculine into alignment with what we want our Twin Flame to manifest through their outer masculine energy. 

If you've ever thought that you want your Twin Flame to show up differently, communicate more, or have a different mindset about things doing this inner work is a great way to get the ball rolling for those outcomes. 

In this companion guide, you'll learn about Mars Retrograde and its movement in Gemini. We'll talk more about why this matters for your Twin Flame journey and take a peak into how this plays into Union.

You'll learn how to track Mars's movement through your chart and what aspects it'll be making so you can get a better idea of where in life you'll feel Mars retrograde. You'll learn about the key themes that will be important for you to review. You'll also be able to walk away with some dates for when these energies are most potent, so out of the 74 days Mars is retrograde, you'll know which ones impact you and how. All this will help you make the most of this energetic portal for expanding your relationship with your masculine. 

You'll learn about your natal Mars energy and what your innate masculine self looks like building more intimacy. You'll learn how to determine what aspects it's making to other planets in your chart and what that means for how your masculine energy relates to other parts of you so you can create more integration and ease. We'll even dive into how Venus, the Feminine, and Mars can work together to create with more Union. Speaking of Union, you'll learn how to add the asteroid Union to your birth chart so you can also get an idea of how your masculine relates to the frequency of your Union.

No retrograde escapes the internal work, so to help you get the mental ball rolling, you also have 120 journal prompts to dive into. You'll find four different types of prompts. There are Mars-related prompts to get you diving into masculine themes and how they show up for you. A few prompts focus on Mars' counterbalance energy: Venus. It's always good to reflect on both sides of the story, even if we are predominately working with one. Astrology prompts will help you dive more into your specific Mars Retrograde experience and connect your masculine to these other parts of you, integrating so your Twin Flame can mirror you. And Twin Flame prompts will help you make some progress in your Twin Flame journey, regardless of what Mars is doing for you.

I'll also be around, so if you run into any technical problems, we can get that sorted out! Just send me an email. And if I see something in your comments I want to expand on, I'll let you know a little more about what insight these placements want to share. 

Some notes:

  • If you don't have your birth time, you can still make meaning from this companion guide, but you will have to skip anything related to houses.
    • If you can access a birth certificate, that's the best-case scenario for birth time!
  • You can run this first for yourself, then for your Twin Flame, so you can learn about their energy too. Still do the work for you, but sometimes a little awareness of them can be helpful for guidance and inspiration for you.
    • If you have your birth time but not theirs, skip the houses for them but do it for you!
  • I walk you through it all step by step, but there are some DIY elements here! If you're not open to getting hands-on and figuring out your astrology experience, a reading may be a better alternative for you.
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