Angel Numbers Starter Guide

Angel numbers are all around you, and you know they have a message for you related to the Twin Flame journey, but no matter how much you search online, no one's interpretations are scratching that itch.

In this tutorial, you will learn who they Angels are and how to decipher the messages they are sending you through those numbers that keep following you around. 

While there will be some interpretations provided, this tutorial is here to teach you how to make meaning yourself, not rely on other people's messages. By learning how to read Angel numbers on your own you connect to an energetic relationship with these numbers and your Angels. This connection allows you to take these messages further than you ever would from what someone has to offer online. And, the stronger your relationship with your Angels, the more they can help you on your journey. 

7 Modules


Learn who the Angels are and what the Angel numbers are. 

Defining the Numbers

Explore what each digit means and what each number place means when it comes to the Angel Numbers you are receiving. 

Patterns and Their Meaning

Angel numbers can be made up of random digits, or they can appear in patterns. In this module you'll learn about the different patterns numbers appear in and how to interpret their meaning. 

Putting Multiple Angel Numbers Together

Learn how to make meaning of seeing multiple angel numbers around you. 

Applying Angel Numbers to Twin Flame Work

Learn how Angel numbers work with the five types of Twin Flame work

Are There Any Angel Numbers That Tell Us Union is Close?

Answer that burning question: what numbers tell you Union is close?

Chakras: Intuition and Intimacy

Explore the two chakras the Angels want you to connect with when you work with  Angel numbers.

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