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The twin flame journey is not for the faint of heart. It's complicated, messy, and full of heartache. It's also full of incredible love and bliss when you know how to cultivate it. 

I met my Twin Flame in 2015 and after entering separation that same year, I did everything I could to get back into union, and 3 days short of one year from our first date and in person meeting, we were back together again and haven't separated again since. 

Since then, it's been a soul mission of mine to help other Twin Flames put separation behind them so they can fully dance in the beauty of union. I believe union is for everyone, and no matter what blocks are between you, there is a way through it. 

My approach to Twin Flame coaching is not what you find in anyone else. 

In coaching, I get to the heart of the story of your Twin Flame journey and work to meet you at your unique place. With union as the intention, I help you eliminate blocks, see things from a different perspective, utilize the nature of the Twin Flame relationship, and transform everything keeping you from your Twin From blocks to breakthroughs. 

Coaching is flexible and designed to help you meet your needs! 

Each session will depend on where you are at in the journey, whether you are just meeting your Twin Flame, on the edge of separation, or if union is right around the corner. 

I combine Twin Flame coaching, chakra work, astrology, intuitive mediumship, relationship psychology, attachment theory, light/shadow work, and other modalities to truly help you put separation behind you. 

By investing in a Twin Flame coach, you are investing in yourself, love, and union. 

By applying, you're taking one step forward in getting help with navigating the heartache of separation so you can move into the bliss of union. You are not committed to working with me by completing this application, but this will allow me to give you guidance around what I would recommend and whether I'm a good fit to work with you.

Have questions before you apply? Email me at

I look forward to learning more about you soon!


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